About Innovate

INNOVATE is a Leading Brain Development Education Organisation.  It has helped thousands of children globally develop a competitive edge when it comes to mastering emotional, logical & critical thinking skills. 

We provide the unique 3-pronged programmes for children from 3 – 17 years old in learning and appreciating numbers and words:

Positive early experiences result in optimal brain development.  Our enrichment programmes are designed to maximise your child’s math/language potential, equipping them with the fundamentals and skills they need to think creatively and critically in Preschool, Primary and Secondary years.

By strengthening your child’s mental development and emotional well-being at the very beginning, we instill passion and love for learning that will stay with them for life.

Our teachers are patient, enthusiastic and professionally trained based on INNOVATE Teacher’s Training exclusive curriculum in the area of early childhood, teaching skills, child psychology and mental development of children.