Parents are searching for a credible method that would make their children winners in their own right.  Entrepreneurs are looking for innovative supplementary education that is intellectually wanting and adequate to meet the needs of the demanding world. 

Consequently, Abacus Mental Arithmetic, Learning Skills, WordBank vocabulary and Memory Franchise have become one of the most lucrative business sector today and INNOVATE has identified these for you.

Features 5 main languages: English, Mandarin, Arabic, Indonesian, and Russian.

INNOVATE’s proven powerful franchise gives fast return and is sustainable, fun and scalable.  You can choose to become the followings:-
(Exclusive Country Distributor)

in your country


in your local area

You do not need any formal training or qualifications because our highly qualified Master Trainers will mentor you everything that you need to know about INNOVATE.

Our Support

Distinctive International Branding & Corporate Identity

Complete support of computerised management systems
Access to multimedia teaching and online training platform
Online training platform available in 5 main languages: English, Mandarin, Arabic, Indonesian, and Russian
Extensive initial and regular trainings
Teaching materials and books
Access to resources and curriculum
Professional advisory services
Location sourcing and marketing strategies
Continued updates of programmes

5 Steps to becoming INNOVATE FRANCHISEE

Prospect will fill in attached form to assess suitability.

If requirements are met, prospect will attend franchise preview in which more information will be shared.

Potential licensee will sign the Teaching Centre agreement.

The new licensee must attend Initial Training. Such trainings will cover various aspects of the INNOVATE Teaching Centre such as programme, business operation and centre management system.

Once all training requirements have been met, the licensee will be skilled and confident to start running the centre officially!