• Before enrolling my son Kaden at INNOVATE, he used to lack enthusiasm and feel restless when I sent him for other enrichment programmes because it did not suit his interest. But not anymore, as he has found new joy in learning because he realised that with the right techniques, he can actually achieve more much easier than before. The enthusiasm and self-motivation in him now makes me a happy mother.

    Katherine Tang
    Mother of Kaden Tang (9)
  • INNOVATE shared their perspective on Skills before Knowledge. I did not understand what it was or how important was this concept at first. Then, I came to the realisation that all this time, schools and tuitions are loading my child with content and knowledge but did not prepare her with the right skills to learn. Schools and tuitions are merely regurgitating the knowledge that is readily available. Then I understood, that by training the right learning skills can propel my child to perform better in her studies. Hence, building a strong foundation in the early years, I could potentially save my child from attending many tuition courses.

    Shawna Davis
    Mother of Carina Davis (7)
  • Initially when I sent Bryan to INNOVATE, I just wanted him to have fun and socialise with other children. He liked all the fun and games; most were engaging mini challenges that delivered great contents. After merely 3 lessons, I noticed improvements in his focus, creativity and motivation. His mind and reactions are much sharper than before. He takes instructions much better now and has turned into a very confident boy.

    Jessica Lee
    ( Mother of Bryan Lee (5) )


From an early age of 3, I realised that my daughters enjoyed math. And that is why I started looking for enrichment classes that can further develop their interests and leverage on their strengths. I am glad I found INNOVATE. I was overjoyed when I saw the improved confidence, focus and creativity in them over a short 2 months after joining the programme, and the 2 elder girls even achieved A’s in their school math exams for 2 consecutive years.

Rita Joy
Mother of Isabella Joy (7), Janice Joy (5) and Caren Joy (4)

My eldest daughter was having difficulties in school as she could not solve mathematical equations at the age of 7. After 3 months at INNOVATE, I was totally impressed and amazed by her newfound confidence and focus and she even topped her school’s math competition. Due to this, I believe an early head start is important for young children, and that is why I also send my other 2 younger kids to INNOVATE starting from the age of 5.

Joanna Miller
Mother of Susan Miller (9), Francis Miller (6) and Frieda Miller (3)

Learning at INNOVATE proved to be the best choice. INNOVATE teachers are constantly providing me with motivation and guidance. Their support and belief in me gave me the confidence to succeed in my school. I was voted the Top Student of my school and constantly achieved A+ in my school subjects. Thanks to INNOVATE, I am now able to get into my dream school.

Amir Rafiq
12 years old

There are many mental arithmetic programmes in the market but I chose INNOVATE because of their proven track record and results shown by their students. In addition, INNOVATE provides their students with Online Learning Platform that enables them to compete internationally from the comfort of our home. I am glad that it has helped to raise my son’s self-confidence and focus. He is now performing better in his school. Thank you INNOVATE

Mark Ong
Father of Jared Ong (11)

Previously, Bryan’s focus was weak. It was hard to get him to finish a task such as completing a puzzle and his homework. After 3 lessons, I am happy to say that Bryan’s focus has increased and his listening skills improved. He is more attentive and pay closer attention in his school according to his teacher.

Sandy Chong
Mother of Bryan Chong (7)

My wife and I always wish that Angela can learn through play and find learning a joyful journey rather than a chore. During our schooling time, we used to spend long hours to revise before exam. We don’t want her to repeat what we went through. We are beginning to worry as she will attend Primary soon. INNOVATE Mind teaching has impressed me a lot. I agree with their beliefs that children should be learning through play and I am happy to see Angela continuously looking forward to her classes. Parenting can be easier when the child loves learning, thank you INNOVATE for making my wish comes true.

Ho Tian Ming
Father of Angela (6)

I used to worry a lot when my friends and colleagues discussed about how many words their child can read. I tried so hard at home to get my daughter, Agnes to sit beside me and repeat the words after me from the story book. After sending her to 4 INNOVATE Mind classes, Agnes came back with a Wordbank List and I was impressed that she could read all of them! I was captivated by the results and happy to know my daughter is in the right hands.

Jeyanthi K.
Mother of Agnes (4)

My son, Jonathan finds it challenging as he has to learn some of his school subjects through memorisation without teaching him the correct method.  After attending INNOVATE Memory programme, I am so happy he is able to remember twice as much with half the time spent on revising. It has provided my son with the right memory strategies that increased his learning potential, thus increased his memory efficiency.

Brandon Yong
Father of Jonathan Yong (8)

There are many memory programmes out there but I chose INNOVATE Memory because their programme is more efficient than others. My son Matthew was able to memorise up to 30 objects in a sequence and at random in just an hour! I was amazed by the results. The memory techniques taught here are practical and easy to apply. He was able to apply it as one of his revision techniques in school.

James Wong
Father of Matthew Wong (12)

I used to wonder why my memory was poor. It was poor because I did not know how it worked or how to improve further. Ever since I attend INNOVATE Memory programme, it has been helpful. Their tips and strategies are practical and simple to understand. By just attending 1 lesson, I was able to see results immediately. Learning History and Literature subjects have never been easier, thanks to INNOVATE

Kathlyn Loh
16 years old