Innovate Arithmetic

Our unique Abacus Mental Arithmetic programme combines with Music and Multimedia for enhanced learning experience.  Besides classroom training, our students are provided with an Online Training platform to discover, compete, inspire and share with other students globally.

The 2-Hand 4-Finger Technique is for Left and Right Brain balance.  Our award-winning and globally recognised programme designed to help children increase their focus and imagination while inculcate the love for numbers and mathematical sums.


Boost Your Child’s Mental Stamina
Left & Right Brain Stimulation

  • Numbers/Mathematical Skills
  • Computational Thinking
  • Focus and Imagination
  • Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Memory
  • Speed

Why Select Us
  • Abacus Mental Arithmetic
  • + Music + Multimedia
  • International Online Training
  • Super-speed counting and writing
  • Critical thinking & problem solving
  • Relaxation techniques 
  • Self-paced learning
  • Enhances your child’s focus and imagination.
  • Builds your child's confidence.
  • Increases your child’s mathematical skills.
  • Improves your child’s concentration.
  • Boosts your child’s creativity and memory.
  • First in the world to use music and multimedia in mental arithmetic teaching.
  • Super-speed counting and writing for faster responsivity.
  • Self-paced learning to promote the development of self-confidence and initiative.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Relaxation and stress management.
  • Access to online learning platform at the convenience of your home.
  • Entry to INNOVATE Annual Competition and yearly exams.
  • Track your child's performance through our online portal.
  • Professional accredited trainers.

Innovate Arithmetic Courses

INNOVATE Arithmetic Junior Course

(For children of 3 - 4 ½ years of age)

Play and learn.  Junior programme indulges children in mental arithmetic with music and dance movements.  This early childhood education emphasises on building children’s self-confidence, self-expressions and lots of self-assurances that they can do it.  This stress-free environment will help each child to learn the basic skills of mental arithmetic at ease.

The curriculum will help to prepare young learners to:

  1. Enhance their motor and cognitive skills.
  2. Understand the concepts of numbers from 0 – 9.
  3. Develop their visual, auditory, kinesthetic, imaginative and creative skills.
  4. Learn the formulae of abacus mental arithmetic.

INNOVATE Arithmetic Kinder Course

(For children of 6 years and below)

Students will be first assessed to check if they understand, read and write numerals from 0 – 9.   Their horizon will be further expanded in this programme.  They will be taught to appreciate numbers and the concepts of addition and subtraction.  The superiority of 2-hand, 4-finger technique will be used and the basic formulae of abacus mental arithmetic will be introduced. 

There will be lots of self-affirmations for them.  Music and dance movements will pamper the children to learn and have enjoyable experiences.  Multiplication table will be introduced in a fun way.  By the end of the course, students are expected to perform addition and subtraction of certain sets of numbers. 

INNOVATE Arithmetic Primary Course

(For children from 7 - 12 years old)

The concepts, techniques and methodology of 2-hand, 4-finger will be introduced to primary students. Motivations, critical thinking and problem solving skills will be applied to maximise the output of each student.  Relaxation techniques and music will help to give every student the sense of calm which can be applied in his/her everyday life.

Abacus arithmetic and mental arithmetic are introduced concurrently.  Eventually, a student will do away with the abacus and will be able to visualise the image of abacus in his mind.  He is expected to know the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The objective of learning this programme is to give students self-confidence, self-fulfilment and an enjoyable journey.  Ultimately, changing the way they think and focus.

INNOVATE Arithmetic Teen Course

(For teens from 13 - 17 years old)

This is an advance course for students who already have sound foundation of the Primary programme.  It can further enhance the realm of learner’s imagination, focus, concentration, memory, mental agility, calculation skill etc.