Innovate Memory

Programme that expands learner’s memory capacity to absorb and retain knowledge longer. Tested and proven on international stages, our memory techniques will take learner’s memorisation to the next level. Improves short term memory and working memory and improves school performance in academic subjects.  Many schools teach children "what" to learn, but few educate them on "how" to learn the information.  It can successfully be used to improve the student’s ability to function in real life. 

Innovate Memory

Maximise Your Child’s Brain Power


Knowledge and many forms of memorisation:

  • Current Affairs
  • Geography
  • History 
  • Vocabulary
  • Foreign Languages
  • Mathematics and numbers
  • Dates in history
  • Presentations

Why Select Us
  • Advanced memorisation techniques
  • Fun learning
  • Activities inside and outside of classroom
  • Comprehend, memorise and apply
  • Enhances what students are learning in school and increases confidence exponentially. 
  • Ability to memorise words, images, speeches, formulae, phone numbers, names  etc.
  • Expands one’s memory capacity to absorb more information.
  • Improves information retention.
  • Saves revision time significantly.
  • Learner will discover memorising as a fun and exciting activity.
  • Systematic memory system promises that your child is able to learn our techniques effectively.
  • Professionally trained memory coaches will guide your child throughout their lessons.
  • Interactive activity for better mental stimulation.
  • Track your child’s progress through our memory tracker.
  • File-Create accelerates your child’s memory storage capacity.
  • Connection assists your child to create new association and linkages for faster recalling.
  • Memory-map provides your child with a personalised memory blueprint that works best for him or her.

Innovate Memory Courses

Primary Course

(For 7 – 12 years old)

Teen Course

(For 13 – 17 years old)